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I was surprised how much stopping power these bikes can use. With the T-500 I was consistantly out-braking larger bikes with exotic brakes at Frontier Land. The T-500 started working really well during the races.... did you see the stoppies I was doing in the pits? Frontier seems to have really bedded in the shoes well...don't think I've ever really used what the brake had to offer until then.

I was able to out break Roper into just about every corner...not a talent thing, but a brake thing. Coming down the hill I was just about carrying the real wheel as I could hear the rear tire chirping over bumps after a down shift.

Put as much brake on it as you can, might not use it most of the time but on short tracks it's an advantage...might have to do something different with the front springs if they aren't stiff enough to prevent excessive dive though. My next step will be something exotic like a 4LS Gremica....gotta break the T-500 first.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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