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anyone ever use those tuneable supertrapps? just wondering... i was thinking about putting them on my 72cb450.....i know a lot of you guys are racers, but im not, unless street racing kids in cars with fart can mufflers...anyway, anyone used them before? or let me guess, "search button"?? duh.
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first, you rock... 'cause you have a the way cool, indicator of distinction, GH in the middle of your name.

supertrapps. yeah, i just mounted some on my CB350 racer (pipes made by chris marshall and supertapp adapters fabbed by JBranson, sponsored by tannermatic). i love 'em. but other guys here can say more and JB may be able to help you in extrodinary ways...just depends on how cute you are. obvious advantage in tuning exhaust flow, can help with dB regulations and seems like they'd be lighter than perforated steel cores packed with glass.

t. tilGHman
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