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anyone ever use those tuneable supertrapps? just wondering... i was thinking about putting them on my 72cb450.....i know a lot of you guys are racers, but im not, unless street racing kids in cars with fart can mufflers...anyway, anyone used them before? or let me guess, "search button"?? duh.
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TT, thanks for the advice, and for kinda creepin me out......ugh.... yes, "teighlor" is kinda a gay way of spelling my name, but i assure you i am not.... my parents are from Ireland so they spell everything a pain in the ass....ANYWAY....

JohnnyB...thanks also for the advice and for NOT givin me the creeps.....yeah im just usin OEM pipes... what kinda rejetting issues are we talking? i dont want the thing too loud as i ride it all the time year round, but a little loud is fine, ya know, so people know yer there... I love parking that thing at "biker" bars against a row of shiny harleys with jap bike is obviously cooler...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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