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A timely question, and at the risk of airing the family's laundry in public:

Junior (19 years old) who has a history of toking up, expressed desire this past spring for a bike. He also had an a friend doing a semester in Paris, and wanted him to do a European Spring break. He also need a car. Didn't have enough money for all three. Against most everyone's take, at least Mom and Step Mom, Dad's analysis is:
Europe, you have a friend there, who speaks the language, you're young, Do It!
Get home, buy a cheap bike. Summer's here, save for Fall,
Buy a car.

Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I'm hoping between Europe and motorcycles, some light bulbs will go off. You know, It's a big world, go see some of it, personal responsibility, think outside the box. Usual parent shit.

Gets home, after having a blast in Paris, Brussels, yes, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Buys an old Yamaha Seca, and gets his bike license.

For the most part, it's going OK, and he's really enjoying riding.

He works evenings most of the time, so if he goes out after work he usually winds up crashing at a friends house. Which is fine with me, its deer season by now, don't need him collecting one, and if they're doing shit (beers, dope) at least they're not running around.

Last week he comes home a little after midnight, I'm in bed, and Step Mom has to be the cop on duty. And instead of being cool, saying hey, and going to bed, he hangs out. In short order she realizes he's high. He admits it, minor argument ensues, and it's left till the morning debrief with Dad.

Well Junior, you fucked up. You're 19, been riding 4 months, and high. Bad call. Not on my watch. I'll be damned, if heaven forbid, I have to make the call, "Diane (Mom), Austin's been .......... on his bike. Fuck that. And then I have to live with myself?

Well, the old my house, my rules. You want to do stupid shit, do it on your own. The plate came off the bike, it's off the premises, and Junior's riding privileges have been suspended.

I'd rather be a dick, and have the kid in one piece. Sucks though. No pun intended, I had higher hopes.

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