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Suzuki Gr 650 cafe my first project

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Hi all,
I'm recent member of this forum from Italy.
I started recently my first project, I bought a Suzuki Gr 650 and in the free time i modify that at my home. I'm a student and in the weekend I work but I try to do everything at home and buy less possible.
I really love motor bike and all around engines, in this forum I watch very beautiful projects and a lot of good ideas!

I post photo of my work in progress, I hope you like it.
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Hope in valuable advice,
best regards!!
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You really should have come here before you started cutting up your frame.
It looks to me that you have burned through the tubing where you've installed the flat brace at the rear and there is always a question of tire clearance when you replace raised braces with flat ones. It also appears that you have not internally reinforced the tubing where you have cut and welded in your modification, the tubing doesn't line up in some cases and the welding itself looks questionable. Remember, your life depends on the quality of the work.

You did not see any of the real experts (of which I'm not one) here chop up a bike in this manner.
Thanks for your reply, for me is a point of start for see things from another point of view.
To answer you I would like to specify some points you mentioned,
the tubing where I installed the flat brace it isn't burn but I have installed one extension to raise the frame, it is a piece with a double centering made by lathe. About the welding, the project is now under costruction and I never finish the work, the frame is just pointing.
In my country unfortunately we can not make some modifications, we must keep the original tubes of the frame and at the limit change some corners.
Secondly I will finish the welding and prepare for the painting.
If what you say is true why did you remove the pictures?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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