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Suzuki gs750 petcock

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Does anyone know if someone makes a non- vacuum petcock for a 1977 Suzuki gs750

I got new carbs and they don’t have vacuum ports on them. I now need to find a petcock that doesn’t have a vacuum diaphragm in it
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Non vacuum petcocks are readily available on the ‘net. Measure the center to center distance of the mounting screws and look accordingly. I just purchased some 48mm petcocks for a project and they were about $75 a pair. This is a common change on XS 650 Yamahas. I think They use 48 and 50 mm depending on the year. MikesXS has them but they are more money. The petcocks are a bit nicer though. You can also purchase or fabricate adapter plates to use 1/4 bsp or npt petcocks. …British style. I have gone both ways on builds. Pay attention to where the petcock comes out, as the adapter/petcock combo sometimes creates clearance problems. I have never has much luck modifying the vacuum petcocks.
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