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Suzuki T250 ”R” Race Engine for sale

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Hello. So I have a Suzuki T250 “R” race engine for sale
This is a engine put together by Lea Gourley from England and vintage road racer. This is a engine that the block was modified for the 4 bearing crankshaft with a labyrinth seal. Crankshaft is completely new with new rod bearings. Lower transfer ports are matched to the cylinders and the oil ports are blocked off so it is a pre- mix only.
The primary drive gears were custom made by Nova racing and are straight cut gears. It also has a a lower first gear ratio that was also made by Nova.
The barrels are modified to racing port specs done by Lea and the squish to the cylinder heads are also worked to match. The transmission is blueprinted and shimmed to prevent any issues from coming out of gear under load as these are prone to now and again. It has 54mm Wiseco CR 125 pistons with Two ring groves.
It will come with custom TZ 250 G exhaust pipes welded up , painted black with aluminum silencers or if you like keep them off if you like steaming loud stingers.
This engine is said to produce close to 50 HP when it is dialed in. It will need a proper ignition and a set of 32 or 34 Mukunis. Lea recommendation is 34’s.
So if your into Suzuki TR 250’s and have a love for vintage racing this would be a killer engine.
I have had this engine and a modified frame as swingarm for this for a while now but I’ve moved to Alaska and we have no good place this deserves. It need to be raced and enjoyed. Properly raced and enjoyed.

Please contact me I am finally read to sell this and invest into other projects I have going.

Thank you. Charles.
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Alaska you say! That would make a hell of a nice snowmobile motor.
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