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I'm always scanning sites for parts for the Yamahas...absolutely no room for more bikes, with 8 in a one car garage, one TS50 in the trailer, another on the side of the house with a really rusty '74 RD200 in true white-trash fashion <img src=icon_smile_blush.gif border=0 align=middle> well, y'all know the drill.

So when I come across something like this:

it really makes me I would LOVE get this, nice seat cowl from Glass from the Past, clubmans, and my ultimate dream, successfully designing some good Expansion Chambers for it would be all I'd want.
I've been studying Expansion Chamber design in Gordon Jennings' "The Two Stroke Tuner's Handbook" which is an old but seemingly sound reference to my basically untrained brain. I understand most of what he says but need to brush up a bit on arcane math terms like what cotangent means.

In any case I think it would make a totally fantastic and unique Cafe Racer.
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