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Switching the handlebars

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This is going to be my first step with this bike.

The most I've done is change the oil on my Kawi ZX-12R, so I'm not too sure how to switch the bars & the components.
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I am not sure a cheap pair of nonadjustable clubmans will fit a DOHC. Also clubman bars are harder to fit than conventional bars because you have to watch for interference issues. Plus if you don't have rearsets it is a very uncomfortable riding position and pretty much a waste (and they make you gay). If you are absolutly set on really low bars, then a good set of adjustable clubmans or clipons are preferred.

Personally I like superbike and drag bars for stock foot control bikes, they don't throw your wrist at weird angles and you can ride all day. as long as they are 7/8" diameter you are good to go (yes dirt bike bars will work but have you seen what a good pair of renthals go for?)

On the DOHC bikes the bar controls use a locating pin, you are going to need to drill that into your new bars since the DOHC controls are not compression fit. Other than that, basically stuff just bolts on and bolts off. It is a fairly easy project if you go slow and take your time. If you are not gettin shortened cables for your ride, then you are going to have to get a little creative with the cable routing.

basically everything ratty 550 said.

good luck.

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on the issue of clubmans - there are these really cheap fixed clubman bars that seem to attract newbies like flies to shit. They figure for $15 they can have kick ass cafe badass looking bike for cheap, except that fixed clubman bars were designed for narrow jap and brit bike twins of the 1950's and 60's and they don't really fit the chubby fours of the 70's jap bikes very well. clubman rash is the little dents and scratches that come from improperly installed fixed clubmans. plus they are uncomfortable without rearsets. for $20-$30 bucks more they can have adjustable clubmans and clipons that are much easier to install and a little better to live with but to a noob a bar is a bar and they don't think fixed clubmans will be a pain in the ass to install because they saw a pic of an old race bike with them on it once. I've seen too many ham fisted newbies wreck perfectly good bikes with botched or half assed clubman installations which is why I rail against them more than anything else.

A little research goes a long way in building the right bike and fixed clubmans are a prime example of this.

I foget who used to sell cable kits.
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DOHC bikes should have the wiring running outside the handlebars. Buy black zip ties to reattach them to the bars.

sometimes previous owners grind down the locating pins or mash them tring to put them on the bike. You can convert them to compression fit using a coke can to shim it up and crush down.
clipons (or clubmans) with rearsets are like a normal sport bike setup but without rearsets they are not that comfortable (your knees will most likely be in your stomach). unless you plan on making your own rearsets or ponying up $300 for raask I would go with a drag bar.
not 100% sure but I believe the K pegs ar emounted to the frame like the C, which would mean the F sport kits don't work here. If you do a search on this site there was amember working out rearsets for a 79 DOHC K which is the same bike. I think his name was Trefmawr or something like that.
I am not a big fan of them either but as far as ready made bolt on options they are the only ones out there.
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