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Switching the handlebars

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This is going to be my first step with this bike.

The most I've done is change the oil on my Kawi ZX-12R, so I'm not too sure how to switch the bars & the components.
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Drags, either or. I was even told dirt bike bars will work.

I'm just making sure I can do the swap on my own before I buy the bars.

Shortening the cables - how difficult is? Something an electrician could do? (not me :))
What cables will need to be shortened? I was planning on changing them out anyhow. 20+ year old bike, it could use new cables.

Any idea on what length I should get for the new ones?
Adjustable clubs or drags for an '82 cb750?

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I'm a sport bike rider; I'm used to the abnormal riding position. I'm stretched out on my zx12r, almost lying on the tank.

I'm asking you guys, because you are all familiar with these types of bars. I'm stepping into a new generation of bikes here.

I do prefer the look of clubmans over drags.
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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