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T500 Brake

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QUICK...someone tell me if the the front brake for the T500 Titan and the T500 Cobra are the same!!

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Hmmm.... I KNOW the T500 Titan brake is 200mm.....I'm thinking maybe the T500 Cobra was 180mm?
Anyway....I'm only really interested in 200mm brakes or 180mm Honda brakes...meaning CB160/CB350

I've been using a T500 hub on my bike for about three years now....pretty freakin flexible...but much of that could be due to my excessive use of the milling machine on it. It's definately delicate looking compared to the Honda hubs. Steve Baker has been running one on his CB350 race bike for a few years...and he goes pretty freakin hard. I've been trying to get ahold of another T500 setup to kind of check it against mine...see if I can find out if the problem is something I caused or if the hub is really that weak. No's not a robust hub...but I'm hoping I can rebuild my confidence in the brake with some research....freakin thing will stand my bike on the front wheel no problem....and if I have the balls to pull hard enough it will carry the rear wheel into T3.

Recently I've been setting up my whole shop to do brake work...I enjoy working on them. Looking for an old brake lathe now....or maybe just a bigger shop lathe.
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Basically I'm always in the market for some 180mm and 200mm front brakes. I'd like a couple of 350 Honda drums to do up...standing offer of $20-25 plus shipping for barnyard brakes.
So if anyone wants has them lying around they want to get rid of I'd be interested. Only want a couple of CB350 brakes as there isn't a big market for them....I'll take as many 200mm brakes as people can find. And of course T500 brakes, GT550 drums, GT750 drums. No NOS stuff, no race prepped, just barnyard stuff. I can only make it worth my while if I can get them for $20-25.
Wouldn't mind having an old BS brake, I've also heard they are good. They're 200mm right Doug?
JohnnyB way he can be as beautiful as Aaron though.
I don't think I'll be at the Banquet but I'll be happy to pay shipping and a few dollars to encourage you to pack up a couple and send them. This is a business venture for me so I'm not looking for charity.

Yep...know just what you are talking about. With the VB setup T500 brake on my bike the rear tire was chirping like a bird with every downshift into that turn....probably the single hardest braking turn I've ever routinely taken on a vintage bike....tons of fun if you have the balls to pull the lever really hard and outbrake the guy next to you.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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