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Unless you need it now you want to watch ebay for a V45 Honda tach. That one needs a battery, though a transistor battery should work. It also will go to 14K and will work fine with a magneto.
If you go the ebay route make sure you get the correct one. Honda had a cruiser model of this bike that doesn't have the 14k tach.
Chris Marshall gave me this advice.

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i have 2 of them. youd have to figure out a way to power it and figure out its voltage requirements. i dont know if there is step down built into them or not.

chris and i have been talkin about this since i was trying to figure out how to run mine with the pvl.

maybe ill bring it and if have some gatorade, and let me terrorize you on the track, ill let you have it. by the way, you staying saturday night?? i want to bring some trats and party with you boy.


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bring me some trats too and i'll bring the dictionary!


p.s.- chris marshall is like some sort of freakin' honda wizard!

"who's scooter is that?"
"joe clancy's"
"where's joe clancy?"
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