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Tank for XS650

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It seems I put a technical question in the General forum. Will that matter much? Here's a repeat: I need a little guidance in how to find and fit a suitable tank for my XS cafe project. The bike has clip ons and I'm having a bit of time figuring out how to know which tank might be right for me,(the stock tank works, but I don't want its' weight or look) I see lots of lovely ones on the web, but how to tell if they would work? Any suggestions, leads, or hints would be greatly appreciated? Thanks a ton (up).
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no problem, moved to technical.

As far as finding the right tank, take measurements (especially of the tunnel width and height) and any vendor should be able to tell you which of their tanks will fit. For installation find someone who can weld and make some custom brackets. You're in southern Conn. but not too far from our resident master welder's shop in Wakefield, Mass. Aaron may chime in here.
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