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tanner matic

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hey matt, you still need one of those block offs for your pvl??? drop chris a line. hes got em.

[email protected]

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hey arron... i gave zack the details.... i really had no time to put some work into your effort prior to z mans first outing... i am on deck for crash support and spares


nice kacki's.


i reckon you are right on the money with that comment. the goo is no good

chud... ha ha

funny thing is... the shit i sent you just smells bad. the rep says that the epoxy we use is way worse. sometimes you just can't smell the bad shit.

i will be sure to throw a stink bomb into your trailer at the v celebration...aka oil/rain/car weekend.

don't worry tex...i am leaving my secret wepon... my new aprilla rs50 at home. no room on the trailer.


you are so lame. not that i should talk ... i never go anywhere other than louden

see ya dude
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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