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Tannermatic Tank

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Here's a couple of pictures of the tank Matt made for me. I might not paint it, It looks good this way.

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Edited by - texmawby on Jan 10 2007 8:03:27 PM

now your gonna have to make the bike look pretty.


p.s.- tannermatic rules!
best oscar liebmann story.....

when lance weil was working for amol precision he raced for oscar. once up at mosport, he went out on the rennsport and oscar timed his practice laps. at the end of practice, lance looked at his times, and said, "well oscar, if you want to win this thing, i better ride my manx." oscar said, "bo (lance), when we get home, i put my head in the oven, right in the oven."

what a talent both those men were.


p.s.- frank, your right about kurt too!

have you finished my carbonfiber dustbin yet?

1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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