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Tannermatic Tank

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Here's a couple of pictures of the tank Matt made for me. I might not paint it, It looks good this way.

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i will definately use some amber/ clear colored adhesive on the next two. eat your hearts out guys... ha ha ha


i couldn't find the clear adhesive so i made the second tank with green adhesive again

thanks dude

it's all about the benjimins (sp)

word up
joe man

i am sorry yours doesn't look that pretty... my skillz keep improving. my goal is to make you happy. call me up and we can make things right( get you a new design...

you guys haven't seen nothing yet.

as far as selling stuff.... gotta get in touch with me and also get in line.... kinda booked up between my personal projects and others. but sure... i sell to anyone. but these are race parts.

tex whenever you are ready.

don't have a mold for that tank... try someone else

yeah i am pretty much all set with the replica shite... got anough of that going on right now anyway... you nyc dude aRE FReakS!!!! i kinda gave up shaping surfboards a couple of years ago... i would rather be surfing than makin em... come on up to hull and ride one of my boards... i have a garage full of em

i heard someone is making a replica honda tank for cb 450's and 350's but ya pretty much gotta get them exclusively throught buff harsh.

enough said
1 - 8 of 30 Posts
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