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Tannermatic Tank

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Here's a couple of pictures of the tank Matt made for me. I might not paint it, It looks good this way.

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dude, thats ridiculous. wowie. you know, if they last, in 30 years, that stuffs gonna be up on ebay, going for like 200 bucks, and it'll be listed something like "rare, one off, caferacer tank. no markings. proffsionally made." then it'll have the usual list of makers that dont have anything to do with it, and some jackass, like me, or any one of us who is still alive will come across it and go, "yeah thats a tannermatic" some dude from hull used to make those in his spare time. blah blah blah.

get em while they last!

how come mine doesnt look that pretty?

ps, looks like a triumph/bsa combination.

matt, dude, im just givin ya shit. but if ya wanna make things right, lets fucking head out to roskos and jam for a weekend! those tanks are beautiful man. sweet. dont worry, ill be ordering another at some point!

1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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