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Early 70's???????? I didn't think they made r100's untill 76 or something like that. Good solid bikes though. Not a good handling as an /5 or maybe an r80. They do have a weak ignition system in that if the battery isn't fully charged it won't start very easily. You can get a kick start transmission for them but they're a little hard to find. The one I have now has the electronic ignition that still uses the points instead of the ususal magnetic pickup for triggering. I works very well and I've started it in 30's degree weather and after having sat for a month. Its a good mod. The frame is a little spongy at 85+mph but is managable. I would get (and have on mine) a later model front end (the one with Brembo calipers is best - 1985 or 6 I think). I rode mine back from California and put in a couple of 600+ mile days and survived to tell the tale ( I would do it again too). Get it.

Mike O.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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