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Thank You

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Just joined here to say thank you, I picked up a “Garage find” 79 xs750 in November 2020 that has “been sitting since 1996” the year of my birth haha. In my searches I kept coming here or DTT forums. In your infinite wisdom that you share, and my clymer manual, I have a pretty decent understanding now of bike basics, compared to when I started. Got the bike running strong and will post a build thread eventually. Thanks again.
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Did you get yourself a set of JIS screwdrivers? highly recommended.
I have only one for the carburetor screws. Found out quick that it wasn’t standard!
Screw the bike, is that a Mastercraft in the background?
Haha 87 Ski Supreme. Got the same 351 Windsor and Velvet drive though. I thought someone might notice
I've never skied one, I have a LOT of passes behind Mastercraft and Correct Craft boats, Hydrodyne as well.
It’s fun to drive until you hit about 40mph and then it starts to porpoise. I’m not good enough to tell the difference in the wake, never skied a course either. Showing your age with the hydrodyne. Do they even exist anymore haha?
Hydrodyne were a great barefoot boat, didn't have booms then so you wanted a flat wake. I learned to do dock starts barefoot by watching a Timex watch commercial that was on in the early '70's. 62 now and at 34 mph I could still likely run well into short line through a course.
Old guys are the coolest, at least your stories are;) haven’t tried barefooting yet, I don’t want to cripple myself while my kids are young haha!
Barefoot is easy, you should get the kids into it when they are young.
This is my era, the Timex commercial I mentioned, note the wake. I learned to barefoot by stepping off one ski at 40 mph. (Gary Barton was one of the best at the time) TIMEX WATCHES. WATER SKIING
Zenon Bilas was the man through the '80's and now is anybody's guess. How it has changed. The boom puts you in glass calm water, makes life pretty easy.
Talked me into it! No boom for us but long line is cooler:cool: My 5 year old said she wanted to ski with me this year so Looking forward to it. Should be on the water this month
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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