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Thanks Joe

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I received my present today. Very cool man. Also thanks for the stem, I feel bad that I had forgotten that it was down. Look at it on the bright side. If everything was easy, everyone would be an expert. And then we would all be dinks.

Aaron the big Dink
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Hey Aaron, you damn ***. I thought that there were going to be some babes on here. Where the hell are all the White Woman at? Lying sack of shit, your too busy stroking your moly frame.
Oh by the way, sell me a tee-shirt will ya.
Hey JD,
Aaron knows where to send one, I used to work at Hutch's before he did. I'll even pay cash, something he dosen't get to see much of these days.
Small? Hell no, need an X-large, need a place to hide all that beer I drink. I'm wondering when Aaron is going to alope, knowing that he is living in sin. If he keeps this up, racing wil be a forgone conclusion, He'll be too busy mopping.
Much better off living in sin, that is unless she's richer then Bill Gates. But it's not something I'm gonna worry about, I'm just a poor, old, fat biker, that has to save his pennies for rubber for the bike.
I beleve the reason for that has to do with age, Aaron also has a hottie to help keep him in shape. Of course it could be my intense like of beer as well. No wonder I have to raid the change all the time.
While the nice little Caferacer, does tend to help take care of one's riding jones, it dosen't do a damn thing about the DSB. (Ask Arron for what that means) It's a good thing I didn't get into motorcycling to pick up chicks, not that it would have helped me anyway, I is one ugly mother. So on this sorry note, I think I'll got for a blast, it ain't that cold out.
Yeah Arron, he's the one on vacation on a whim of the better half. I get all the dirt, he's being watched. No way is he going to claim ignorance, he's busted.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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