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Thanks Joe

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I received my present today. Very cool man. Also thanks for the stem, I feel bad that I had forgotten that it was down. Look at it on the bright side. If everything was easy, everyone would be an expert. And then we would all be dinks.

Aaron the big Dink
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now can you really tell me youve seen a stem like that one before??? all i can say is you better not lace my wheel in the same fashion! enjoy your sticker. i love them. tim courts said he wants one too. i told him i only had 2. and the spare was already taken.

i guess i'll take this to mean that im an expert dink....i guess.

later man
maybe we need a riders wives/posters wives page!!! you know, pics of your girl with your favorite bike. man, i can see all kinds of problems with that!!

hey hey hey....aaron sees plenty of cash, it just belongs to his girlfriend.


also with an "enabler".
maybe the new section of the site should be "enablers wives"!! jeeze. at least that way they dont think they arent appreciated. if we put a positive spin on this....

yeah yeah yeah, keep living in sin brother. but never put that ring on that finger. biggest mistake you will ever make. actually, there comes a point where theres no reason to not get hooked. if your womans cool enough with the bikes and your lifestyle, and shes proven it by hanging around for so long, why not. its the least you can do for her if she wants to. hell, she puts up with your ass day in and day out for 9 friggin years. (oops, a little personal info there). and i dont mean just aaron here. i know kirsten doesnt want kids and she really actually kinda likes the whole bike scene. (she pays for her share of my racing too) hell, she could get me jeans and take me to dinner for my birthday, instead she gets me things like road racing boots or a helmet or a new tent. she is very cool. she even puts up with bikes in the house. we currently have a 68 cub in the family room. hell, if i take any longer getting my bonneville back together, she may even pay for that!! im just a loser for not marrying a good woman like that. sometimes i wonder what the hell im thinking.

i say, make an honest woman out of her if she wants. as long as shes cool with us. i think we give her the nod. besides, she takes good pictures.

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hey, i scraped 220 bucks outta my change jar ths week for a new helmet. and compared to me, my girlfriend might as well be bill gates. friggin 60k a year to work at home in her pajamas all day watching tv. and hey, were all not as skinny as arron!!

gee, the only thing my hottie does to keep me in such fine shape is feed me and complain about my ever growing bald spot. (the one on my head) its an uphill battle for me too. just a different hill. i dont know if any one gets cycle world but there is a cute little aeromachi cafe racer featured in it.


hey, my girlfreind makes me do the same thing too!! the cool thing is we do fun stuff. snowboarding, south america. gotta go, gotta watch uberbike!!
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