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that look/goggles

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ok, need some goggles. who like swhat and why?? aaron?

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For dirt biking or snowboarding?
I've got some Arabian Goggles you can try on.

for my open faced helmet for street riding. then maybe you can recommend some beer goggles for our next night at the track. what goggles do you have in your pic on the pics page. id like something smaller, than larger i think. i dont want aviator goggles. they look gay.

oh yeah, i use oakley a frames for snowboarding. i have the black carbon iridiums. best damned goggles ive ever used. they are 2 years old though. i might get something new for this season.


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The goggles I think your speaking of are some I picked up at a swap meet, but you can get them from Davida.
ok, yeah, i want something to go with my davida helmet. thanks

If there is an army navy store neat you go take a look at what you can find there. I found replica WWII british and US aviator goggles for 1/2 the price of what the motorcycle shops wanted for them. The American ones look cooler but the british ones will fit over you galsses if you wear them.

There are also places that sell the 1930's style aviatior small goggles but they are usually over 100 bucks. High quality through (i have a pair also).

My emgo generic avaitor goggles cost me less than $20 new and are the pair I use the most. Cheap, durable, and they fit over a jet helmet if you have one.
hmm....yeah, i have a jet helmet. i wanted something kinda sleek, but not like speedo goggles. something between real aviators, and that.

For a jet helmet the best thing I have found, if you are not going for that vintage look, is a pair of sunglasses with a little rubber gasket around them. I forget who makes them but I got a pair from a friend who ran a vespa shop. They look like just a regular pair of sunglasses but that little rubber gasket really keeps the wind out. I was in my local harley bike shop last week and saw a similar set for $60.

here is a pair similar to what I have on ebay for $23:

For 3/4 helmets I don't generally like stretching my elastic band around the whole helmet because it gets all stretched out and then I can't use it with my pudding bowl. Glasses are the way to go with a jet style davida.
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i like the strap around the helmet. either that or plastic visor ala frank camiliere.

goggles lol what about protection from flying debris in the face a cafe racer looks best with teeth not a tooth .just a thought .the googles and helmet do look good resting on the seat for pictures but for driving Id look for more protection then goggles.
eh, for bombing around town, its much more fun to have an open face. i use the full face for anything more than just around the neighborhood. besides, when im in my aerodnamic tuck, im behind the bubble. (humor) and i ride in that tuck everywhere i go. you'll notice, my topic title was that look/goggles. i was hoping people would deduce, that im going for a certain look. and dont get me wrong, i actually do always wear my jacket, gloves, and at least jeans. pretty much everyone here has been on the ground at least once at good speed. we all pretty much know the benefits of safety gear and using it.

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