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The 1970's CL350 MX'er

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I found this post randomly on ADVrider, proof that someone actually raced MX on a CL350! I'm just pasting the whole shebang, no way I'm finding it again:

"1968 Honda CL-350 Racer
The question was ask if a Honda 350 ever was used for motocross? Well I'm sorry to say that I raced one in the first motocross in N. California I think it was 1970 I got a third behind Brad Lacky and Dick Mann.

Later I converted it to a TT rig.

It had ceriani M/X forks and Koni shocks and the engine was pumped. Those were the days!!"

Dig the captain america paint job in#1
or the groovy Honda in #2
Pretty psychedelic brother....

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cl or sl? i know the SL100 that was passed on to me came with number plates and an amature racing history.

and i like the SL tank on the CBs.

you guys are dumbasses. its a cl.
ok, single downtube on the front of the frame is an easy giveaway, i posted before coffee. but i'm gonna have to stomp you at VIR for calling me out like that, gonna lap you like your a Domini-Can.

no excuse, tex is faster than i am...but i'm guessing i'll never have to make the pancakes.


ps. trashtalkrocks
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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