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the bad day

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fuck it, fuckity, fucking fucktard, shit, piss, goddamn it!

still doesn't make me feel better...

-fuckin' tex
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You dont have an 8 year old boy at home.Or a girl Maybe you do. Feel lucky. Oops. I Forgot. You are 8 years old. Check out the other thread for the fucktards.

What happened? Jelescheff sell those tires to someone else?

You find out that you really are in love with another motorcycle guy?

Brokeback TEX! ! ! !

Sorry Tex, i had to let some steam off.

Why is Ruffo selling a "BMW" sidecar? is it the red rig? The guzzi I can understand (man that is a cool bike)

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683-798 = 115 to go

Tex shot the fucktards!! He's on the news this morning!!!
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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