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the bad day

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fuck it, fuckity, fucking fucktard, shit, piss, goddamn it!

still doesn't make me feel better...

-fuckin' tex
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Tex...why don't you buy my junker 106 from me for $60?

Good frame, hubs, fenders, front end, rusty engine out of the frame.

What the Ruffo retiring from racing?? That would totally suck, he's one of my favorites. And a fast guy too.

Tex...maybe it was crazed homos trying to get into your sex van?

Hey...the 106 makes a great Giro bike. How nice is it? You want I should post it on the 106 group? Talk about a great street legal pit bike...I just Luuuuvvv mine. Don't freakin sell the rare and cool 106 and keep a common Japanese bike...what's freakin wrong witcha?
Tex..what to do you hope to get at auction for the 106?

That sounds about right for a nice one.
$1100 if it was **** owned.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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