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the bad day

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fuck it, fuckity, fucking fucktard, shit, piss, goddamn it!

still doesn't make me feel better...

-fuckin' tex
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funny, bastards.

nah, i bought some dt175 yams the other day, i had them stashed in the van last night. someone removed the lock cylinder completely from the passenger door. they didn't take anything, but i think they were getting ready for tonight. i'm ready for tonight. wired a motion light outside, sleeping on the couch with the gauge and the phone. i might make the news!

tex "vigilante" mawby

i'll bring my gilera 106 equipped with 17" akronts, jap front/gileara rear brakes, and knobbie knobs.


p.s.- it has a sweet ass high pipe and heat shield.
it's a good thing i didn't shot anyone last night....cause i got pissed on gin and beer. ended up eating fried chicken, drinking coke, and watching "the bounty" around 2am. passed out and woke around six, with coke all over my pants.

went to bed. up now with a tremendous hangover. van looks to be untouched, other than the hole in the door.

does anyone sell that shit (door lock cylinder) aftermarket?

tex "fuckin' hung" mawby
i am gonna restore the one (cheap and cheerful) and flip it at auction in april. the other i'll probably just put together to have a street legal scoot/pit bike.

the gilera goes to auction in april (that's why i didn't buy johnny's parts)

i'm thinking of selling a lot of my bikes (minus my cb350 racers) to afford a down payment on a house. i'm also thinking about getting a real job.


p.s. - the only way that thing fell off was if a screwdriver accidentily flew into the slot while at the same time a cement block dropped from the sky and hit the screwdriver on the handle, and if some concerned pedestrian came along in the morning with a dust pan and broom and swept up the entire mess......nah, i think someone was trying to rip me off.
i am going out there tomorrow. i didn't do shit today 'cept recover.

jb, the 106 is worth more at auction, besides i have a cherry benelli 250ss project to finish that will be a killer giro bike (if i'm not racing with wera that weekend).


$1000.00 cash


i'm having fun in the mean time blasting around the hood every other day. i have like a ten block circuit (tt course) where i zoom past the homies and shorties!

haven't gotten chased by the coppers yet!

1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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