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the bad day

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fuck it, fuckity, fucking fucktard, shit, piss, goddamn it!

still doesn't make me feel better...

-fuckin' tex
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Tex, those lock cylinders have a way of just falling off, I almost lost one on my van, it was hanging by the lock rod when I noticed it. I think you can get 'em at a decent parts store, NAPA or equiv. if not a junk yard.

You gonna part out the DTs or are you gonna have some fun with 'em.

Tex...maybe it was crazed homos trying to get into your sex van?
Afterall, it is the "city of brotherly love."

I got a bro in the "Liberties" 'hood. He walked out of his apartment one morning and found a bunch of un-fired bullets strewn around on the sidewalk. I guess it was a philly drive-by Throwing...
The criminals ain't too bright down there.

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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