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Here's the scoop from

"Thunderstar 1200Stop the presses! er… stop the keyboards, I love this! Star Twin, a company over in Holland, has designed and built the Thunder Star 1200 TDI Sportbike. This is a 1200cc, three cylinder turbocharged direct injection diesel. They started with a 3 cylinder diesel engine from the VW Lupo, redesigned numerous parts using SolidWorks 3D computer modeling software, created patterns from those models and had them cast in aluminum. They use an FJ1200 5 speed gearbox. The frame is their own design.

Power output begins at 80bhp and 165 foot pounds of torque, BUT, a bit of remapping of the engine controls increases this to 120bhp and 250 foot pounds at 5500rpm! The bike weighs 450 pounds. You do the math, by my calculations that results in an ear to ear grin. The bike is not to the production stage yet and they are exploring lots of different configurations, touring, commuter, etc."

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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