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the general speaks ...

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generally speaking any one else a guitar player .OK I know what the "Foreskin Racing Team Plays" I saw the leather boys picture in another post....but how many musicians here .Cafe bikes and music go together like the "Foreskin Racing Gang" naked and a frozen fence.
Not a pretty site or mental picture....
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got an ibanez ex series bass and a cheap strat knockoff. i don't play them worth a shit. i got two trombones and a trumpet too. guess i play the trombone the best.

don't know what your talking about with the foreskin reference?

tex you know its a brotherly thing here every post is a love fest so I read all the love posts and kept saying to my self oh here goes the foreskin race team again with there antics you know johnny b.aaron,you tex and the rest that always chime in any post with off topic banter.....
Play drums, guitar and harp in a garage band. Never played live but might soon...

I used to play drums but sucked badly and I can play juice harp.

Jeremy I heard plays the skin flute.

tex ...see THERE right ......THERE!!!
Im not crying wolf or not seeing those UFO ...see its r .....i ...g ...h ....t there...!
Sorry I coudn't help myself after the way the thread started.

Gibson Es33
played the guitar back when i was 7,8,9ish. started skateboarding and never looked back.

Aaron...You play the skin flute?? I thought it was the Mouth Organ.

See...most of us senior members are cooler than your wildest dreams...we no longer have to make serious, meaningful or informative posts about ourselves cause everyone already knows how cool we are.

We do, and have all. Bikes, broads, bands. We are the elite of the vintage world. We have nothing left to we entertain ourselves, whoa be unto the newbs that stil must prove themselves with internet words while we revell in our lofty hipness.
I am more senior then most here.
I have nothing to prove.
Im just contributing like everyone else.
I have done and seen it all ....
you just dont know it.

LiL Bull Big supporter of the always present and voicefull and some times comical "Foreskin Racing Team"
aaron loves to keep his tulips on my organ.

oh yeah, I have a yamaha acoustic and I know three chords. yeah, I'm pretty badass.

I have done and seen it all ....
Really... Have you seen a man eat his on head.

Aaron - quote stealer
I've been in bands since like '89. Currently in 2 Garage/Punk bands you've never heard of. Play guitar "Gibson", Bass "Fender", but currently just sing "Yell really loudly" for my bands. The Cursed, and The Mids... rock on...

Cheers, A.D.
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You think I meant "Senior" as in OLD GUY ??????

Hehehe... I mean senior (as in long time) members of CAFERACER !!!

WE RULE !!!!

You freakin old guys..... The older I get...the faster I was. Hey..where's Frank??

You're lucky I'm old or I would be lapping you 2 or 3 times in every race.

No, I think you are faster now than you ever were.
You are doing it backwards...the older you get, the faster you ARE :)
wow jb, smacked down in less than 3 hours!!!

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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