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You know that you are getting old when all your heroes die.
Sorry, FAKE NEWS. A buddy just told me he died in July 28th, 2021. I read it in an article yesterday, which claimed it was news, so I assumed it had been in the last couple days.
I usually pay more attention to the source but you don't really think about needing to confirm a musicians death.

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Don Wilson, guitarist for The Ventures, 88 years old
One of the founders of the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame
He was the founder of The Ventures - but not the RnR Hall of Fame.

I have always wondered if Surf Rock should be categorised as RnR.

I really like The Ventures, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean and the Surfaries.

I think that Surf Rock is it's own genre.

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Surf Rock is a genre unto itself and The Ventures were a big part of it. Definitely RnR. Huge Beach Boys fan too. Surf Rock was very influential on what became Classic Rock, some of our roots are there.

Rest In Peace Don.
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