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Hey Guys,

It's been a long time since I've participated on this forum, glad to see it's alive and healthy. I'd like to invite you all to come to Austin the weekend of April 11-13 for MotoGP and The Handbuilt Motorcycle show.

Last years Austin 1 Moto show was a stellar success and we've been busting our humps to make this years Handbuilt Show something to remember. This years show will feature bikes spanning the last 100 years of motorcycling, well recognized builders from across the land, and most importantly lovingly crafted bikes from garage builders from coast to coast. And if you missed them at Barber The AMC's Wall of Death will be there as well. The entire event including the Wall is free to the public.

If you or some one you know or a garage you love has a bike you feel needs to be seen send me an email at [email protected] The more information the better but in the least a physical address and a photo will do.

We are looking into the possibility of organizing either subsidized or possibly free shipping from three centralized locations to help builders get their work here and back. Probably LA, Chicago and Brooklyn, the more we have interested the more likely that will be a reality.

Builders will receive a pair of MotoGP GA tickets along with some swag for their participation.

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show - Vintage and Custom Motorcycle Show in Austin, TX

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