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The jaguar yard sale of fun and broken dreams.

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That's it, I'm done.
everything must go.

1970 guzzi ambassador.
"this" close to the road.
laundry list of new parts and fresh systems.
silly money has been spent.
my loss is your gain.

Seeley CB750
stock engine, last run two years ago.
gl1000 front end with new seals and rebuilt calipers.
have an okay collection of HiPo period parts I could work into a deal.
not going to sell any parts until the Seeley is accounted for.

Yetman CB77
just mocked up. Tank never had fuel on it. Honestly don't think the frame has ever been used.
bunch of OEM parts.
few racy bits like a ported head, SS valves, performance cam, etc.

these are not for everyone, I get it.
sure there will be a ton of questions, feel free to ask.
Shouldn't be hard to see the threads and pictures here.

will be super aggressive on prices with people that "get it" and make life easy.
can work with you to get these shipped anywhere in the world.

Lets make a deal!
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It is a long time coming if I'm honest.
just flat not enjoying this stuff any more.
Far too much money tied up, and also with zero garage this all is just a burden.

time to face the music and cut some losses.
im all good.
Sounds like you need to get back to riding, riding is motivation for wrenching.
Not goin give up riding or wrenching.
just cutting this stuff loose.

less quantity, more quality
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I think it is spoken for.

waiting on funds and a pick up date.
buyer already took the yetman
Yetman and Guzzi are sold.

Seeley and CB/CR Are still for sale and need to go.
Hi there, how much are you asking for the seeley ? Reg. Lutz
Seeley has been sold and paid for.
just waiting for the shipper to pick it up.

very motivated to sell the CB/CR project.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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