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the new guy!

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hey guys. im derek from salt lake utah. i like going fast. i like old things. and i especially like going fast in old things. weather its your grandma or a cafe, ill ride the hell out of it. ummm.. anyway..

i have a 93' yamaha fizzer right now. its a fun bike but a horrible replacement for my old honda cb350 cafe. that bike got stolen about this time last year and it was depressing. i never found it and now im searching for a new one. its awesome that i found this forum. didnt know one existed. ill be hitting the for sale section right after i submit this. thanks for the great looking site and its about time something like this existed
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harsh, but funny.

i'd go for the 400's. those things are sweet.

yeah i think im getting the cb550.. just waiting on his email back so i can go pick it up..

for the off topic guys..

my drift car.

and its not an rx7 unless you break it.. see tow rope

and unfortunately we dont get many drift events here in utah.. we have had one here. ever.. and here is the vid.

enjoy.. now back to the bikes
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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