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The Nightmare Continues

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Well...sounds like Hiroshi/someone tried to tighten the head nuts on Hiroshi's bike to stop a leak in the head cover gasket. All the nuts were of course already tightened to max allowed torque for their of course they pulled the threads out of the block at the bottom of the stud.
Which means Friday afternoon and evening I get to spend my time tearing down the whole top end of the engine to get to the base of the studs so I can install a helicoil. Should be able to get it done in about four hours. Wonder how many of the other studs are stripped out too. The freakin things were tightened to 15 ft/lbs already.
When will people learn you can't just through a wrench on these bikes and start doing shit unless you know what you're doing.
What a freakin pain in the ass...I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend at the track.
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JOHN!! It wasn't me. I saw two people turning a wrench on that nut. H. was one of em. If you want the other guys description, I'll give it to you . . . but it won't make you any happier or change the outcome.

Bad sad news.

by the way. I was never convinced that that was where the leak was coming from. There was oil on the left ex pipe, down the fins of the left barrel, and looked like there was oil down the front of the left cam cover . . . not to make things worse, but I didn;t see a LOT of oil coming from the valve cover. I got on the old knees and looked things over, and there was a film of oil over all of the above. (there was a drop the size of a dime on the ex. pipe.) I walked away when folks started pointing to the cover and saying it was the cover . . .
champ was wearing his work clothes.

too clean.

I didnt recognize him.

champ you were just dissed by aaron.
JB, just wanted a clarification.

Did the stud actually strip out of the top of the cases (below the barrels)?

That's what it sounds like you've been describing. Jesus that would take a bit of wrenching . . . .

might as well take the engine out of the bike. Then it can be up on one of your nifty stands!!

Well, the weather has improved, the garages are cheaper, and who knows, the fix will be easy for H's bike!!


PS. The garage is under Larry hayden's name, but I'll be there by 2 pm on Fri. we are sharing

1 - 6 of 44 Posts
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