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The Nightmare Continues

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Well...sounds like Hiroshi/someone tried to tighten the head nuts on Hiroshi's bike to stop a leak in the head cover gasket. All the nuts were of course already tightened to max allowed torque for their of course they pulled the threads out of the block at the bottom of the stud.
Which means Friday afternoon and evening I get to spend my time tearing down the whole top end of the engine to get to the base of the studs so I can install a helicoil. Should be able to get it done in about four hours. Wonder how many of the other studs are stripped out too. The freakin things were tightened to 15 ft/lbs already.
When will people learn you can't just through a wrench on these bikes and start doing shit unless you know what you're doing.
What a freakin pain in the ass...I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend at the track.
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YEA, what Scott said (cause I was there). And thats the way it really was!!!
Damn ROOKIES..............


It was an SAE adjustable and when I rounded off the nuts I used vise grips and it still didn't fix the oil leak.

Should I bring the adjustable,vise grips, hammer and maybe a ohm meter?

I don't mind helping!!!


I would expect nothing but, coming from Aaron!!!

Sorry..... At least I'll be a heckler!!!

Now Johnny!!!!!

Chill out buddy. You seem to be REALLY bothered by a silly oil leak. Consider the machine and the person who owns it. Simma down now!!! Go work on your own race bike!! I started last night on the Ducati, I have a nice little laundry list I have to deal with before next weekend. Belly pan, new front brake cable, change all the oils including the fork oil which I do every 5-7 years, new chain, new spark plugs-every 2 years-install nos kit.

I'll be thinking of you as I drink beer and use my adjustable on my racer.

c'mon aaron,

don't let all my secrets out. btw, bcm has been sold to a former employee !!! i only hope that by bruce selling the shop he will have more time to work on my projects!!! i've had a new racer project there for the past 3 years in a tupperware box, very frustrating. i also have a simple top end rebuild for my 250 giro bike that has been there for 4 months and the snails are all over it!!

oh if i only had the talent that you have..........

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