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The Nightmare Continues

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Well...sounds like Hiroshi/someone tried to tighten the head nuts on Hiroshi's bike to stop a leak in the head cover gasket. All the nuts were of course already tightened to max allowed torque for their of course they pulled the threads out of the block at the bottom of the stud.
Which means Friday afternoon and evening I get to spend my time tearing down the whole top end of the engine to get to the base of the studs so I can install a helicoil. Should be able to get it done in about four hours. Wonder how many of the other studs are stripped out too. The freakin things were tightened to 15 ft/lbs already.
When will people learn you can't just through a wrench on these bikes and start doing shit unless you know what you're doing.
What a freakin pain in the ass...I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend at the track.
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Still possible that George DeCamp will have a garage, if he does I'll be using that.
Johnny I can carry stuff that is about the limit to any help I could provide but your sherpa awaits.. just say the word...

J "not that" D
So JohnnyB - what was the problem with the bike? Was it an easy fix?
I missed all of the fun this weekend. I need to know what happened.
It was the worst it could have been...but luckily the fix went smoothly. Mary and I had the job done in about four hours and the bike went out and ran successfully. No leaks and nothing came apart. I don't feel quite as bad about it now since I discovered the leak was definately my fault...picked up the wrong head cover and installed with old gasket material still on it. Still had to tear it down and fix the stud but the helicoil went well and everything torqued down nice.

To top it off, during the teardown I noticed that the copper head gasket sealed with hylomar was about two laps from competely blowing...luckily I included a Cometic CFM-20 head gasket in the spares kit and took care of that problem too.

I showed it to Frank C.....he says.."You can't use hylomar on a head gasket!".... I said Frank...I asked you about five times and you told me it was good for everything. For future reference....DON'T use it, it's too soft for almost all applications I've tried...only a matter of time before the smallest pressure pushes the stuff out.

Mary is becoming a good wrench...had the bike stripped down and ready to take the engine out in no time.
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