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Hi all we are moving right along on the build, you can check it out at
under cb/sl project. We just finished the rear subframe fab and it looks GREAT! hopefully by next friday we should have the rear finished up. The website will be up and running by monday and I will post the link. A question to all... what distance should we be looking for between the shock mounts if we are using 18" rims??? any info would be great!
Thanks all

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great pics. hope you and the boys/girls are doing well. obviously from the pics you're definately doin'!

keep up the good work.



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I don't understand what measurment you are looking for? The distance between the upper and lower shock mount or the distance between the 2 upper mounts or 2 lower mounts. As far as hock length goes that is going to depend on where you end up with front end geometry. My lower shock mounts have 3 different locations, so I can adjust by moving the lower point fore and aft an inch at a time. I can't give any real measurments since my swingarm is lengthened 2 inches also.
I see from your pics that you havea Type 1 motor. I found that my Type 1 motor had a higher lift cam in it tha my later motors. I used that cam and rockers in my race motor. You might want to look intothat when you get ito your motors.


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