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The "Whatcha Doin Today" Thread

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I assume that many members here are doing lots of small, but interesting things throughout the days.
While those things might not warrant a 1000 page thread I thought it would be fun to have a thread that people could post the small things.
Be it a job done on a bike, or car, or just something fun you did.

I took the CB1100F for a state inspection.
Also waxed it, adjusted the timing chain, and a few small squawks that it had.

What did you guys do over the weekend?
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I have been out of work since May with Rotator Cuff injury with an added complication of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I will get my return to work note tomorrow and go back on Monday if I still have a job. When I was pulled out of work I could not turn the ignition on in my car or even brush my teeth with my right hand arm.

Good luck on the recovery, I know how debilitating pinched nerves can be.
I was having a terrible time with the rotator cuffs in both shoulders and bought one of these. It completely cured the problem. Shoulder Pain - Heal Rotator Cuff Injuries Naturally Without Surgery
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Cleaning up the Deep Water Horizon style mess in my parking spot at home.
I bought a carton of these heavy duty pads. I stick a couple under a bike just in case or when dis/re assembling. They work well, may even draw oil out of pavement.
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Spent the day washing, polishing, changing engine oil, and filter, gear, and shaft oil. Should be ready for another winter.
Hopefully the synthetic oil won't effect the clutch too much.:)
This is winter riding in our neighborhood. Snowmobile Snow Vehicle Racing Winter sport
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It's people like you who make it possible. Kudos for volunteering and you get the best seats at the track!!!

I know your'e working but we expect to see photos of lunch breaks and the evening piss ups!!!
Glad you cleared that up. When he said "my station" I assumed that was in a lawn chair with a beer.
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:I Still trying to decide what I want to do today.

Looks like youthful he can't do it behind a boat.
So still doing the survivor man motorcycle series then? :cool: Cool, I'm still holding out for a few more riding days before I make room next to the couch. Just got to get out and back before the temps plummet at the end of the day and the deer start roaming the streets. Other than that some great scenery you don't normal see now the leaves are off the trees and the bike loves the cooler temps for running. Often wish I still had a dirt machine. Woody had a trials bike for sale a while back but the never sitting down thing sounded exhausting.
Friday, Saturday look really good for temperature, although with all the guns in the bush 'round here right now it's better to be on the roads. I thought we were done for the season a couple weeks ago, got to put a battery back in a bike.
Then spent the afternoon with one of my customers and his F1 car. First start up after a complete rebuilt of the car. I ended up TIG welding the starter shaft connection after it broke while trying to start it. View attachment 44954 Was a good Saturday, way better than doing last minute shopping
Wow, now that's the pinnacle of man caves, much nicer place to be then fighting through meatheads at the mall.
Is that a B194?
Do you think it would be illegal to farm large and small mouth Bass :/ I'm thinking it sounds like such a good idea it must be illegal.
They farm small mouth near Kinmount, I think large mouth are legal. You do need a licence to to raise and sell or transport live fish, I don't know if you need one for personal consumption. I had a pond with rainbows for years that we stocked, raised and ate, never had a licence and no one ever said anything.
Woo hoo! post #1241 just showed up :) the admin guys are on it.

I don't need to sell or transport them, I just thought it would be a good idea to provide a safe habitat for the native fish species and increase their odds against extinction. They would all be set free once they reached maturity.

;) then I could go catch em and eat em later
I don't think they'll let you release them into the lake (without a bunch of red tape) MNR owns it. I'm sure they won't let you farm in the lake.

There are grants available for fish farming and tax breaks for farmers.
Rainbows are good eating. I never had the patience to fish lake trout.
I was picturing an area of the lake where a small natural river flows into it, constructing a pond area just before where it outflows into the lake
Don't want to be the voice of doom but the conservation authority controls the creeks, rivers and flood plains and they can really fuck you around. Force you to restore the areas you've changed along with HUGE fines. Swan are migratory birds you need a licence to have a dead one let alone live.

Dig a pond, circulate water from the lake, catch and eat fish, be happy.
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I assume you refer to Lake Trout and not the basketball players ;) ya, it's a stupid move to introduce non-native anything into an inland lake.
Been doing some research, would seem that I have a good case for the construction of a pond without a great deal of bureaucracy becoming involved, the rules I have found so far:

• A permit from the local Conservation Authority, if the pond is to be constructed on a floodplain or involves an alteration to a watercourse
• A permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources to construct a dam or to divert water from a natural watercourse
• A permit from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, if water comes from a natural watercourse at a rate exceeding 10,000 gallons a day
• A permit from the Ministry of Environment and Energy to use herbicides to control aquatic vegetation
• A permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources to transfer fish, if the pond is being stocked
• A resident sport-fishing licence, if fishing in ponds fed by streams flowing through the landowners property

With the site I have in mind I think I'm good with all of those.
You won't need the 10,000 gallons per day unless it is a really big water body. You're not likely to need aquatic herbicides if the water supply is from the lake unless there is milfoil.
Little to no chance of riding this today.....
I had to drag my snowmobile to the barn on a dolly. Woodland Tree Forest Natural environment Northern hardwood forest
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Worrying that I may have become one of them.

View attachment 89033
This is why vaccinations are so important.

Make sure you're shaving close, orange juice and a bowl of cereal in the morning, eaten while leaning against the kitchen counter and for God sake don't be drinking craft beer.
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I think I may be doomed. Went to a retirement party last night and one of the company oddballs was wearing one of those vintage red plaid lumberjack jackets and it really made me wish that I had some of my old ones. I was lamenting about how they don't turn into runny flaming stalactites if you get welding spatter on them. Apparently you can't buy them anymore. Probably because they look too low rent and the pockets aren't large enough to hold a brie. Hopefully my desire to own another one isn't cause for concern. They would really go well with the Ramcharger.
LOL, I have a 45 year old LL Bean canvas jacket I was wearing, some fashionista tried to buy it from me when I was at the grocery store. I've been around long enough to have lived the full fashion cycle, as a result I now consider myself a pioneer of trends, once I find out what the trend is I just move things around in the closet. I not only have a couple wool, plaid jackets but I've got original Greb Kodiaks that would make a poser drool. If you know anyone that might be interested I have some jeans with real wear holes.
Bought this to rebuild, with some modifications. 1973 Dodge Travco 220, 40,000 miles. Fiberglass body with a steel frame on a Dodge M300 motorhome chassis, 413 wedge/727 combination, 22' long. We are going to completely gut it and do a ground up build for two. Structurally it's very good, the accommodation mechanicals, fixtures and cabinetry will be new. The entire cockpit needs to be dealt with, no cruise, tilt, intermittent wipers, so I'm currently looking at an early dodge cummins 5.9/518 2wd drivetrain swap and a steering column update. My wife is all in. It is amazing how much easier it is to get her to agree to spend money on mechanical shit if there is going to be decorating involved.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle RV
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Watching YouTube videos. Skip to around 3:00. Yikes! Hope they can fix her broken spine.
Her surgery was successful. They are saying she won't have paralysis.
'No fear of paralysis' for Sophia Floersch after horror F3 crash
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Made some progress, the interior is gutted, wiring diagnosed, healthy shopping list so far. I was going to town and life got in the road. Now we have a bunch of snow and the door I'd use to move it inside has an approach that is up hill on a slope, so it may be spring before I get it in. Probably better that I can't work on it, I've got a bunch of bikes I bought to flip and I haven't done anything with them. I'd like to get them out the door come spring.
I suppose I could sell it but I'd feel like a real asshole if I did and a tornado came through.
It's crazy not to have the weather safe guard you need for whatever region one lives in. Ice storms and forest fire are the big threats here.
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