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The "Whatcha Doin Today" Thread

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I assume that many members here are doing lots of small, but interesting things throughout the days.
While those things might not warrant a 1000 page thread I thought it would be fun to have a thread that people could post the small things.
Be it a job done on a bike, or car, or just something fun you did.

I took the CB1100F for a state inspection.
Also waxed it, adjusted the timing chain, and a few small squawks that it had.

What did you guys do over the weekend?
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Looking out the window. Its sunny and nice. I want to get the ski in the water.
nursing a lightly sprained wrist, bruised sternum from crashing the ski. a gashed foot from something in the water while rescuing the wife. and a hurt back form getting buzzed and thinking i could pick up my ski out of the water.

it was an awesome weekend.
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Flew to Vegas Monday. Partied in a room of Ferraris Tuesday. Had a hell of a party at Tao and then with HP Wed. Drank alot. Got to drive an F430 for free. Wound down the week at Stack in the Mirage on Thursday night with new friends. Spent Friday morning drinking Maker's and Coke by the pool. Flew back that evening. Drove home today. Glad to see my kid but I wish I could go back on the road come Monday. I need a new computer gig.
This is interesting to me. I cast my first slug tow years ago this coming Christmas. I have been hooked ever since but have like zero time to do anything. :(

^nope. The crank will break. We've covered this, hahahaha.

In other news, I am currently taking a metallurgy class, and today I got to play with sand casting for the first time.
We did it as a lost-foam process using sand and Styrofoam, but it gave us the general idea of how lost wax or something similar would work. I cut a crap star out of my piece of foam and cast that.
Now I want to mill it flat, and grind and polish it to mirror finish, just for shits and giggles. Down the road I'll play around with trying to cast nicer things, but this was a fun way to learn the basic process behind it. Sorry if this is only interesting to me, lol

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Nice. Thats on my list too.
staring out the window pissed about my yamaha jetski cylinders.
This weekend I will be diving in Lake George to get my SCUBA cert.
Kinda excited!
Thats on my todo list.
spent a few hours over the weekend building piston rings for my obsolete air compressor from cast iron bar stock. Only to find in my quest for perfection that i made them a little too perfect. ID is about 3-4 thousandths too tight even after i cleaned up the ring lands. I am hesitant to go anymore on the piston. So I have to do it all again.

edit: on a positive note I have almost got heat treating these things down perfect... The first one looked like a pretzel, the last was legit.
Today I decided to take a long trip and not stop till I ran out of money. Made it all the way to the mail box.:mad:
Speaking of trips..... I cruised through the outlet mall up there in Dawsonville labor day weekend. Wife wanted a Disney hoodie. And a t shirt (funny a Cinderella t shirt looks NICE on her boobs).
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impatiently watching the tracking for my 911 fuel pump.
I am planning to give one of those Alphatig 200's from AHP a shot after the first of the year. I have been seeing really good reviews on them. Wife says new tv first though. :(
You can also make wax blocks and machine those for practice.

I am trying to get someone to take my money for an auction i won. :confused:
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I am now trying to find used 16" dually tires. Its like they go to a special place in hell once pulled. LOL
I have an old 74 ford f350 with a holmes 440 on the back. Cammed up FE under the hood and a straight shift. And my tires are coming apart. I will poke around for retreads. I want to convert my NPR to 19.5s and use its 16s on the Ford.

I certainly am not above driving to nashville for tires. take the wife to the hill country might ease the expense of tires. :cool:
Screwed the pooch just now. Forgot about a local online auction and missed out on a Fimap toolroom lathe for 250. :(
Losing ebay auctions for needful things. :mad:
I miss out on a box of R8 stuff. I have been eyeing getting a couple of face mills. Edit: although honestly I really should just get 40 taper face mills for the fat girl.
Oops. Meant to say cat 50. lol

The fat girl is a van norman 26 which currently lives in my box truck.

Brochure here:

Van Norman Machine Tool Co. - Publication Reprints - Van Norman No. 26 and 36 Ram Type Milling Machine Brochure |

Mine is a '39 model and has some weirdness. The overarm is different and some other things are different than the later ones. It needs some repair, so I am collecting cheap tooling on ebay while repairing and setting up a permanent home for it. This involves adding a new concrete pad to my existing area.

The fat girl name comes from someone seeing it in my box truck, taking up most of a 7x16 box with the ram removed and sitting behind the machine, saying "man she is one fat bitch". He was used to seeing my smaller machines.

I plan on repainting the machine while repairing. Normally I wouldn't but this machine's finish is in really poor shape and flaking pretty bad. I want to paint one of these on the side of the column (I am leaning toward the second, about 3 feet tall and very subtle):

White Line art Cartoon Facial expression Text
Face White Line art Hair Finger
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Also I am jealous of the DRO. None of my machines currently have DROs. I really want to setup this on my mini mill to give it a go without spending a lot of money/time.

Android DRO Project | Yuriy's Toys

I am an electronics guy, so i had considered building a basic nixie tube display for use by the Van Norman. (full app support on a tablet being also available for "serious" use)
Those are the "igaging" type scales. From what I have read online these hold up pretty decent as long as they aren't getting bathed in coolant.

Also available on Amazon for ten bucks more. But probably a better return policy.

Some thoughts about these:

Three Ways to Improve iGaging DRO Scales Reliability | Yuriy's Toys

Reliability Issues with iGaging Digital Scales | Yuriy's Toys

I dunno what kind of machine you have. If you are running a VFD or a variable dc motor controller you might have to work through the suggestions given. Usually well wired single or three phase motors (no vfd, RPC is ok) with either a gearbox, step pulley, or variable sheave type drive is electrically alot quieter than VFDs or DC drives.

I am an unreformed chubby chick chaser. The second one is about perfect for me.
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