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The "Whatcha Doin Today" Thread

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I assume that many members here are doing lots of small, but interesting things throughout the days.
While those things might not warrant a 1000 page thread I thought it would be fun to have a thread that people could post the small things.
Be it a job done on a bike, or car, or just something fun you did.

I took the CB1100F for a state inspection.
Also waxed it, adjusted the timing chain, and a few small squawks that it had.

What did you guys do over the weekend?
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I was going to fix an eavestrough, take a load of junk to the dump, tidy up the garage, and then assess a used 20 ton press I bought a couple weeks ago. It needs some love but is going to be a solid piece of kit.

It is supposed to be almost 90F here today and the humidity is creeping in already. Most Canadians melt at that temp so I am thinking I’ll hang out inside and roam the interwebs.

One of the posts you put in the parts bin is excellent and I am reading it front to back. That may be where I land for the day. Good work Sir.
This thread is really good. I have been reading it for a couple hours and have 50 pages to go. Excellent info so far.

so my massive fuel leak wasn't due to the float valve shrinking...

It was due to the float valve SEAT o-rings shrinking (due to age).
Also, I love searching for problems and finding forum posts that I participated in 5, 6, or 7 years ago that contain the answers I'm looking for.

And finally... so many Keihin CR parts are back-ordered, even ordering them straight from japan. Luckily I had some old float valve seats that had O-rings on them that were still decent, so at least I could get a ride in this morning.

PMC japan also came out with these:

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creat : [Color] ClearFloat chamber [14-7201]

I'm totally digging them... but wonder how they hold up in the long run.
I wonder if they make them for my bike. I’m going to check it out. I had a serious problem with a carb and when I took the bowl off found an extra needle just flopping around in the bottom of the bowl. No idea how it got in there.
Hoses and cables are some of those things that I'm totally willing to not get every penny of value/lifespan out of.
Agreed. Those look like nice clamps too.
Man she is pretty. Always wanted on of those. I ran (and sucked at) trials for a short time on a Yamaha 60 enduro as a little kid. I always was envious of the kids with real trials bikes. It's like they are mechanical mountain goats.
They say motocross is physically demanding, I wanna say trials is the same or more so. You guys must have the abs of a gorilla.
Hey. So a guy started his first day as an animal control officer and was assigned to Tom who he had heard was an absolute legend and could handle anything.

The very first call was for an escaped gorilla who was running about the roof tops in town. Tom springs into action:
“ Get a ladder, hand cuffs, the pit bull in the back room, and a shot gun. Load it in the truck and let’s go!”

They arrive on the scene amd Tom again takes control:
“OK, put the ladder up against the house. I am gonna go up there and wrestle the gorilla till I can throw him off the roof. When he lands on the ground the pit bull is trained to bite his crotch and not let go. That will give you time to get the hand cuffs on him and we should be ok after that.”

The new guy said “Got it. What about the shot gun though?”

“ Oh, yeah, listen, if the gorilla throws me off the roof first…shoot the dog.
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I am hiring for a position in my shop. Got a resume from a kid just barely two years out of high school. His resume had very little experience, honestly there wouldn’t be much he could add in two years anyway. I wasn’t really hopeful but I interview just about everyone who applies.

The young man shows up, on time, in a shirt and tie (Double Windsor knot - serious old school), thanks me for seeing him, shakes my hand and when I ask about his experience he straight out says “I want to learn”.

Damn right he is starting on Monday. Those four words got him the job.
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Damn Desmo. That is tough. Have had the same here with past dogs. My current idiot did this as a pup, ate a hole in a leather couch cause he got scared.

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I had a guy I interviewed and liked. I called him three times to offer him the job and has hasn’t returned any messages. He will call when his unemployment benefits run out.
Well, since we are on a dog discussion my little one came up lame on the front left paw this morning. She was fine last night. No obvious injury, likely pulled a muscle. Will have to keep tabs on her for the day.
Nah, just an incentive to design systems to need less skilled labor or labor in general.
People are just not worth the money they think they are.

Sucks right now as the current system relied on labor, but over time that will even out.

Personally I am SHOCKED that covid did not eliminate 80% of low skill "clerk" jobs.
Why does a fast food place need ANYONE on the register? Same with check outs at the grocery store.
There are some McDonalds here with self order kiosks. You pick all your food, pay, and are given a pick up number before you even approach a person.
Did anyone get to Port Dover for Friday the 13th?
Oh crap! You OK? How is the bike? Nice country out there though and it was a perfect day. Sorry to hear. We don't bounce like we used to.
Ouch. Broken ribs are no joke and heal slow. Laughing is real painful. Were you very far in? Something like that 10 or 20 miles from the road is tough to get out of, I am guessing you rode it back? That must have been fun.
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Think of it this way, you are basically eating the broth from boiled animal products. That Sir is gravy.

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Nice. Tip the starter switch 5 degrees! Solved.
If they can’t find ya handsome they should at least find ya handy.
That is good to hear. Where did she catch the bass?
Yes. Yes I do. And I want your wife to have a talk with my wife. A serious talk.
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