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The "Whatcha Doin Today" Thread

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I assume that many members here are doing lots of small, but interesting things throughout the days.
While those things might not warrant a 1000 page thread I thought it would be fun to have a thread that people could post the small things.
Be it a job done on a bike, or car, or just something fun you did.

I took the CB1100F for a state inspection.
Also waxed it, adjusted the timing chain, and a few small squawks that it had.

What did you guys do over the weekend?
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Started restoring my favorite TEKNIC Jacket from the 80's! The back was the worst from sun and motorcycle messenger bags.
Don't purchase this stuff on Amazon, many people have gotten bad dye or paint they cant return. I am using all paint here.

Outerwear Product Textile Sleeve World

Outerwear Photograph Shoulder White Blue
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Flashy jacket 🌩
It's almost a weekend :cool: people come out to ride on weekends
LOL it was the 80's
This was Teknic before they left Korea and went to crap.
I think this was meant to be a joke gift from a friend as I had all black previous.
I wore the shit out of this.
Shoulder done here.


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@Youtube_Zombie your spam link doesn't function for me, I guess I won't be buying from there.
That is the manufacture website. I got mine local at the art supply store.
Found 40 square foot of off white cow hide for 200 bucks, I need like 2 square feet lol I think I might have to buy the whole cow and paint what I need bright white :LOL:
What about goat skin for white? Better if you are doing a seat also.
Just trying to make the bird perch on my MV Agusta nice and bright white again, it's vinyl at the moment
FYI: they have proper info on painting different surfaces on the website I posted previously. The one you cold not get too. I think there is an additive for the plastics.

That seat would be nice in fitted in white goatskin and red stitching!

Probably should quit strapping that dirty Husqvarna to it than. You Canucks are tough with chainsaw on trail and road.

White is tough on bikes. Just look at it and it gets dirty.
damn that jacket is sweet.
What size Tcknic Violator jacket do you need? NOS Teknic Vintage Motorcycle White/Red/Teal/purple Leather Jacket SS2464 | eBay

FYI I think you can tell by the holes on the ebay jacket that it is one made post Korea. FY there were pants made to match the jackets also.
You guys really need to get out and ride more :cool:
Wicked runaway motorcycle crash recovery on Harley rock, photos usually make the land look flat but I think this one shows the steep pretty good, how many people does it take to stop a 150 pound flying motorcycle
Think I would let the mother earth stop the sucker.
My Spine and Nero Surgeon beg to differ on riding more. Dam brain tumor! But I am with you on that. I would really like a trials bike that is plated for some good urban assault. My main commute is 1.5 miles away so it would even be feasible for commuting.
Perfect for riding the green belts and over stopped vehicles :cool:
Living in the States it seems that you cannot plate any modern trials type bikes but I was reading the laws on electrics and it seems there may be a loophole for an e bike to work. Ever try an EM electric motion?
There is a loop hole; You can ride a trials bike right up the steps of city hall or through a police station parking lot if it is part of an organized closed course competition :cool:

My friend titanium Joe has 2 top of the line EM bikes with the clutch, freakin dangerous if you're not careful.

What i got from the wording was for road it is not needed to register or insure. Political use was not discussed.

Think I would want the clutch. Do the throttles often stick?
No, you can't license a modern trials bike for the road here. You may be able to license old ones, depending on how they were imported.
I am in western ny between looking at the laws here I may be able to use an EM for transportation. I will have to look into it more. It would be an interesting option for my commute area.

EDIT: Did more research there is no straight forward to get one of these legal or use unregistered in NY. In protest I am purchasing a 1979 4x4 lifted Chevy 4 Door Suburban to commute with! Preferably one with a supercharger!

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Yes to an electric bike still needing a clutch and at least 2 gears and maybe some flywheel weight. Then it will work just like a real motorcycle. But they fail when it comes to trying to use computer controlled speed settings and enhancements. The things have more then enough power and even the range is adequate for hard terrain trials riding.

Trials bikes are only for use on private property and in closed course competition events. Unless you live in a less developed country and then it's fine.
Yha I get it but I have about a 3 mile commute that i have done on a mountain bike off road urban with brief road and parking lot sections. No bicycle trails or lanes. This would have been perfect with the added benefit of being able to have an off road trail toy. I will go back to looking for an old Yamaha 2 stroke that isn't grossly over priced.
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Bunch of people coming out to ride today :cool: perfect On any Sunday riding day, weather forecast is stinking hot with scattered thunder showers.
Good deal!
How are the black fly's?
This is the time of year the flies start to die off :cool: and people start thinking about riding their motorcycles more.

Motorcycle people are great, if somebody has a broken bike here, about 4 guys tear into it and we get them fixed up in a hurry. Highly recommended support system, use your friends wisely.
Sounds like a day in paradise. Enjoy!
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Need somebody good with one of those to video our hard enduro race :cool:
... the drone not the jacket

They will need a license in Canada and the USA for any material you can publish.
To all those nay-sayers who insisted that Walton Tap Extractors are useless junk, I'd like to go on record as having proved you absolutely, 100%...correct.
Was that stuck in metal or plastics.

if metal place a nut over the offending tap and weld it onti the tap
Attempted my first freehand Flame Job with just white and orange on leather. Need to get some red and a stiff fine tipped brush to do outline.


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? did somebody just change the web site or is it only broken for me ?
Logout has disappeared.
... never mind I found it :cool:
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I have done Boxer rescue for years have just been taking a break this last year. Awsome Pups!
Just some of our fosters here. Second Chance Boxer Rescue’s albums | Flickr Many got homes so quick they never got any good photos.
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Beautiful day for an MV Agusta ride :cool: omg that is a nice riding machine. Gotta get some ride time in before they salt the roads. Only problem is speed limits are way too low on the trans canada highway and auto tailgaters, they really should make the speed limit higher for motorcycles due to safety considerations, I bet every rider here agrees that auto drives habitually tailgate motorcycles. Tomorrow I go back to nice safe 3rd. gear full throttle acceleration at 4 foot high vertical rock faces somewhere out in the woods (y) far safer riding experience.
Speed limits suck! Once was a time I could care less and just go for it. Old age and responsibility has really sapped that fun. I took the Tuono out. It was fun but is a chore to keep out of trouble on. Run through 1st gear snap into second and youre speeding.
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