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The "Whatcha Doin Today" Thread

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I assume that many members here are doing lots of small, but interesting things throughout the days.
While those things might not warrant a 1000 page thread I thought it would be fun to have a thread that people could post the small things.
Be it a job done on a bike, or car, or just something fun you did.

I took the CB1100F for a state inspection.
Also waxed it, adjusted the timing chain, and a few small squawks that it had.

What did you guys do over the weekend?
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double cab truck?
What sport are you guys talking about?

I thought it was the one with all the criminals. Or that other sport with all the drug use.

But you are talking about the one with the guys that don't get paid enough to fix their teeth.

Since we are talking about sport.....
Why is soccer played on SUCH a big field?
Seems silly
soccer players also spend way to much crying into the grass because another player was near them..
Traded some left over Z50 stuff for a lathe.
nothing all that spechial, but it fits in the shop nicely.

plan is to learn how to do simple stuff and make some spacers I need for the Seeley.

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Almost half way to Ohio!
Back to the daily grind.
Rode the 1100F in today. Helmet hair in the office.

Fun weekend of aircraft museams and land speed racing

Unsure if I should spend my day reading a rule book or looking for a flight school

Oh piece of candy
To be fair my actually vote is still to focus on what is in front of me as not to go off on a wild goose chase.
But since I can not work on the Seeley, assemble the chopper engine or finish my CR while at work I can day dream......
Oh did you hit the USAF museum in Dayton? Always wanted to go there.

We did, it was epic!
Only picture I have is of Geets stuck in an F16 cockpit.
Promised not to post it though.
How many twin mustangs and B26s where there?
Im ordering parts for the 1100F today
For all the off roading you do?
Needs much more wintch
Very sorry to hear.
Goes without saying that if you need anything please feel free reach out.
I'm making the rounds of Long Island seeing family.
driving back to Albany latter.
Met an old drag racers, and got some parts.

Started talked to an older guy a few weeks ago and he said that he had some old SOHC CB750 stuff from when he used to race.
Said he couldnt remember much about what was still left, but knew he had a special cylinder with RC cast into it, and webers.
That was all I needed to hear!

Grabbed the stuff yesterday.

RC Swing arm. Seems straight.

Head. Didnt look to hard at it. Seems to have HUGE ports and aftermarket retainers. Need to measure the valves to see what size. Needs a rebuild for sure.

Weber carbs on an RC manifold. Almost everything seems to move.

Old school air shifter. Dont really know if it works, how to test it, or how to use one.

RC Block.

Crank. Lightened rotor. Have not checked the journals.

Markings on the cam. Anyone know anything about these? I dont really know how to measure cams to get specs either.

This doesnt look stock

73mm Pistons. Do not look like they were run long.

Failed to get a picture of the near new GoldenRods!
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They are some interesting parts. I have a small fetish for vintage CB750 speed parts.
Head turned out to be a sandcast. Need to see if the guy still has the top engine case. I didt get it. Would be nice for two reasons. One it might be a sandcast too, two it would be bored for the cylinders.
Doesn't the top case have the numbers on it also?
Yes it does.
Today I start classes to become a certified SCUBA diver.

Going to be diving Lake George a bunch this summer!

I figured it was time to add another expensive hobby to the mix.
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Today (yesterday) I was excited to see some of the engineering that I work on in action.

Here's How BMW Combines Carbon Fiber With Metal For A Light 7-Series

While the point of the video is to show the new material process BMW is doing, my part is right there on the robot arm too!
I work for a tool changer company. Robot puts down the fixture, and then picks up a different tool.

Normally all I see are redacted CAD files. Fun to see the line making cars!
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