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The "Whatcha Doin Today" Thread

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I assume that many members here are doing lots of small, but interesting things throughout the days.
While those things might not warrant a 1000 page thread I thought it would be fun to have a thread that people could post the small things.
Be it a job done on a bike, or car, or just something fun you did.

I took the CB1100F for a state inspection.
Also waxed it, adjusted the timing chain, and a few small squawks that it had.

What did you guys do over the weekend?
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Extracted a large mouse nest, packed in tight between my trucks engine block and the 2 turbo chargers. :I think I may have just prevented a roadside fire.
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Good to hear that reports of your demise were slightly exaggerated!
Speaking of crazy airplane stunts, must tell you this story: I had a good friend Jeff (now deceased) who was piloting his light airplane, while another guy was in the back, doing a little low altitude Moose hunting out of an open door (incredibly illegal activity)
… he banked hard so the guy could get a better shot and before he knew it he was flying solo. Jeff circled back to find his buddy standing in fairly shallow water, holding his rifle above his head. lol

Jeff was a lot of fun and a great riding partner, :I really miss him and his craziness.
Didn't Arnold do that in Commando?
Did he ? Now I gotta watch the movie again :/
Jeff did it first, this was well before the Commando movie was produced.
He jumps out of the wheel well of a commercial liner and lands in a swamp.

lol, sounds vaguely familiar, but he is the Termin-Schwarzenegger-ator so altitude and air speed is of little consequence ;)
Sea-Doo on Mazinaw Lake today, practice ride on serious dirt tomorrow and the next day :) It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.
Just got back from the woods and riding with some of the guys



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Today I'm eating Zebu in Madagascar
.... And it's pretty darn good too! :D
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I bet that's a good place to ride dirtbikes!
This would be a great place to ride ANY bike! ... Just wish I had one here :(
I might have to come back via boat next time, or ship one ahead.
Maybe with a few extra tires and chains.
Roads to the east coast are pure awesome hills and twisties.
traffic laws are almost non existent. Some chickens, pigs, zebu, oxen, children and runaway wooden cart type vehicles may be encountered.
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Today is winterizing sea-doo's and tractor, tomorrow; winterizing the cottage and practice Trials riding with a few other riders :D

Hey Witworth, I'm going to go ride up some big fucking rocks :p
I have not had the need to work since 2008 and love it. I just refuse to say the word "retired".
So just say you are a professional full time motorcycle rider :cool:
Todays weather sucks, yesterday was great:

Some crashes were involved :D but no motorcycles were seriously harmed in the making of this video
Wealth is a relative term, I just came back from Madagascar. The estimated population is over 22 million people and ninety percent of the inhabitants are living on less than two dollars a day. Very sad situation with famine predicted just as they start to enter their next cyclone season. If you've never seen anything like it, you've never seen anything like it.
You chose wisely :)

… did it have enough storage space to make it through the entire day ;)

Yeah tell me about it. Been fighting lung-O-bronchi-mydia-rhea-throat-sinus-flu-itis or some nonsense for near on two weeks now.
Take 2 cognacs and stay well clear of hospitals ;)
Is it true that happens from firing a gun without a shell in the chamber ? did you fire it without a shell in the chamber ?
Sounds like it turned into a safety pin ;) now you own a silenced Beretta.
He should have patented it :|
You mean he had a homogeneous mixture of oily and waxy long-chain non-polar hydrocarbons on his firing pin!
:D could be.
No worries, from what I understand they wouldn't keep you, they would just turn you away and never let you back. We have a TV program up here called border security or some such thing, it's very entertaining and informative.
I can only assume that Potato silencers would sound organic. :D
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