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there is a god!!!

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lol i am sooo excited right now, so i got a 77 honda cb 750 k modle this winter and i was finaly able to actualy start working in it this weekend, it was quite ugly when i pulled it out of storage with the wind jammer faring and the vetter trunk and sadle bags on it, not to mention that it hadn't been run in 11 years, well i got the junk off of it to get it looking like the stock bike again and i got it to run half assed lol, needs carb kit and some adjusting (leaks gass a lil from the carbs and wont idle unless it is choked) but i was just sooo happy to get her out that i thought i would update u guys, i will get some progress pics up as i get more done on her too!!!

the lil guy
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congrats. Bout time we heard back from ya about youre dad's former bike.

all I can say is don't buy aftermarket carb kits, if you need hardware then buy only what you need individually from honda. It is more expensive but you will only have to do it once unlike the badly inaccurate keyster or K&L kits which may cost you two or three tries before you clean and reuse your original parts anyway.

are those bags hard bags? wanna sell those saddlebags?
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