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Thinking about a CB360

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Hoping to find some wisdom in this forum...
I just did a Track Day with MotoMarket at Loudon this week.
I ran my street bike (BMW K100RS) and felt like I'd died and gone to
heaven it was so much damned fun. So I hit the papers looking for a
cheap bike I could run/race and not have to worry about destroying in
Turn 10 :) (Not that I wouldn't destroy it, but at least it wouldn't be my expensive street bike)

In the paper I came across an ad for a 1973 CB360. "Runs
great, needs, new tires" I talked to the guy and he said it's "in pretty
good shape considering it's 30 years old." So I'm wondering what it might/would need to be done to make it a track-ready bike.
I'd like to run it with the USCRA but wouldn't want to drop tons of
money into it to make it competitive. Just enough to make it legal so
that I could chase the guy in last place.

I really want to find out what the bear minimum would be to get it on the track. I'm guessing the absolute bare minimum would be race tires, but what else?
So, have folks here got any thoughts? Insights? Issues that old CB's typically have?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Peter Booth
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peter, i talked to mike o this am. i think hes going to get back to you if he hasnt already. will you or your dad be at the track this comming weekend.

the forks on the 350's and 360's were the same diameter, but thats about all that was similar with the front ends. oh yeah, the drum brake was the same too. i dont know about the disk, but i bet it was the same. the offset and spacing was a little different. the fork valving differed too. the disk sucked. all of those single puck disks sucked. but then again so did the drum. not all of the 360's came with 6 speeds. the cj/or cbt i know came with a 5. the frame is definitely beefier. there are more hop up parts readily available for the 360's also. but its a real tank. everyone i know who has raced one has done well. they can be made pretty fast with little work. some porting, a decent cam and a 6 speed with a 550 or 750 front end works well. fromt ehat i have heard from people who have ridden both the 350 and 360, they say the 350 handles better. and they absolutely do not blow up. mike o seized his at mossport i think in top gear, grabbed the clutch, and drifted to a stop. pushed it back to the pits, and after a while he got back on it and it started right up and ran. he kept racing it. its a good reliable over built motorcycle.

for the uscra, i think it could be pretty competitive in lwsv. its the biggest dispaclement allowed. the 350's are definitely more developed as are the ducatis and some of the smaller bikes, but i think the 360 has some good dedicated guys running and doing some light development on them. ahrma puts it in a class that its not real competitve in though. it really doesnt matter too much if you just want to get some good track time. you'll have fun on the 360 though.

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they might have been 32mm. but since i dont use them, im not 100% on that. the sl had different fork sizes too. but those forks suck even more than the other later ones. and that setup might have only been used on the type1. my racebike motor sat out in the rain for years. i comp checked it, started it, then raced it for almost 2 season before it finally blewup. busted rings and a destroyed cam chain tensioner tend to make them run a little on the rough side. i could still beat people though!

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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