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Thinking about a CB360

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Hoping to find some wisdom in this forum...
I just did a Track Day with MotoMarket at Loudon this week.
I ran my street bike (BMW K100RS) and felt like I'd died and gone to
heaven it was so much damned fun. So I hit the papers looking for a
cheap bike I could run/race and not have to worry about destroying in
Turn 10 :) (Not that I wouldn't destroy it, but at least it wouldn't be my expensive street bike)

In the paper I came across an ad for a 1973 CB360. "Runs
great, needs, new tires" I talked to the guy and he said it's "in pretty
good shape considering it's 30 years old." So I'm wondering what it might/would need to be done to make it a track-ready bike.
I'd like to run it with the USCRA but wouldn't want to drop tons of
money into it to make it competitive. Just enough to make it legal so
that I could chase the guy in last place.

I really want to find out what the bear minimum would be to get it on the track. I'm guessing the absolute bare minimum would be race tires, but what else?
So, have folks here got any thoughts? Insights? Issues that old CB's typically have?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Peter Booth
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the cb350, and cb360's are close to the same but still alittle bit different. The cb360's frame design is alittle stronger(perhaps) and doesn't have the center spine that passes through the swing arm. Obviously the disc brake up front is a bonus, plus the better design on the triple trees and bigger forks. Tranny is weaker I belive being the 6 speed, over the cb350's 5speed. I'd look the bike over and if its pretty clean, cheap and looks promising do it up!
Aren't some of the early cb350 forks a smaller dia? I'm talking about the 68-69 fork style that captures the top fork in the tree and then has the top bolt run through the upper tree and into the fork. I agree with the single puck disc brakes blow nuts on those things. The cb350's are tough as nails although my first cb350 sat in a snow bank for 5 years but with alittle work it fired to life. You should have fun out there with yours.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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