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I'm bored, don't really want to do any of the motorcycle related events this weekend, and NYC sucks hard. So I was thinking about riding out to philly for the day this weekend and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions as to places to go, things to see, or if anybody wanted to meet up.

also if anybody from NY wants to take the ride I am down for that as well.

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on your way down....... new hope, pa is worth swinging through. kinda trendy and more harleys and instant bikers than you can shake a stick at, but cool shops and decent eats.

further south (willow grove, pa) you can stop and see fast by ferrachi, and ohh-ahh over mv agustas, ducatis, huskys, yamahas, and the benelli toronado tre in the showroom.

glenside, pa is your next stop (3 miles down from ferrachi) where you'll find the blue comet bar and grill. it will be hopping on sunday after 6pm when they have live rockabilly, and it is pretty cool on saturday night when tommy conwell plays guitar (sometimes with a jazz trio).

in town you got lotsa history. start in old city (market st up to seventh) for the constitution center, independence hall, liberty bell, etc...great eats, shops there too.

head on down to south street for the spectacle that is south street.

if you want a bad cheese steak go down into south philly (9th and passyunk ave), skip geno's and goto pat's steaks. he invented it, and if you must go there, go to pat's, order it with (onions) and whiz.

if you want a great steak, goto rick's at the reading terminal market (that's pat's grandson), he doesn't chop the steak, he slices thin.

swing by the spare parts on the way out of town and see fritz. he used to be an mz dealer, etc.... he always has some guzzis and some odd ball bikes about.

have some philly water ice, eat a soft pretzel (from a street vender), grab a cheese steak, and enjoy a pint of yards porter or saison.

i'll be house sitting until saturday afternoon.



p.s.- your all more than welcome to stop by my house, drink my beer, and talk bikes too.
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