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this feels like home to me

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i'm a new member here. i was over on for a couple of years but after being personally attacked there a while back i decided to make a change, i found from typing "cafe racer" into my search engine one day, and i'm glad as hell i did. this seems like a good group of people with a common love for bikes.

Jeff "fuzzybutt" Emmons

oh an explanation for my handle here. i have several cats and my oldest and favorite is a long haired siamsese, his name is hamish but i call him fuzzybutt.

some people are like slinkies, basically useless but they still make me smile when i push them down the stairs
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Let me be the first to personally attack you here.

You freakin lame ass cat there, take that.

Actually...I love cats....can't eat a whole one though.

ever seen a kitty grow up in a mason jar?
Dang dude...that's sick...even by my standards.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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