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this fork sucks.

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so i rebuilt my cb550 forks. im pretty sure my springs are totally clapped out. there is about 1.5" of sag when i unweight it and then let it drop. then when i sit on it another probably 3/4". i put a zip tie on the tube and it bottoms pretty easily under moderate braking. and i have noticed it sometimes crunches pretty hard in some of our nice city potholes. im running 145cc 10 weight. like the book says. how much of a difference are my new springs going to make??? anyone??? or will it still have that crappy mush feel?

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rebuild you caliper, or try rebleeding the brakes. The piston is hanging up a little. either that, or the pivot for the caliper needs to be greased (special high temp stuff).

BTW, your fork springs are totally shot. That part has nothing to do wtih how much the forks are dropped in the trees (are those maple or oak anyway?). All the spring does is hold the bike in the air. The oil controls how fast the fork compresses or rebounds, sort of controls the feel.The oil is trying t control the spring! If you think about it in extremes, a totally shot spring is like no spring-the whole front end collapses. A brand new spring is the opposite-holds the bike up "higher."

You can pour 80 wt in there if you want, then it will rebound so slowly, that the forks would keep compressing if you went over a series of ripples, eventually bottoming out. If you took all the oil out (presuming you have new springs), sprayed some WD in there to keep it from sticking, the thing would be like your bed getting a serious, friday night work out. Or so I've heard. try it. Its fun!

BTW, I can see you don't trust me.
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