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Capitol A, Welcome to the forum dude. The good news; nice bike, and it could be a cool cafe. The bad news; since you're starting with something that old, and partially torn down, you're probably going to have to complete the engine teardown/rebuild, and by the looks of things, go through the entire bike. Stuff like tires, wheels, wheel bearings, wiring/electrical/gauges, as well as gas tank, seat/bodywork, controls, chain, etc.
In short, it's a full project. I don't want to discourage you from doing it, you've got the manual, which is great.
I'd start with the engine, determine the condition of the cylinders and pistons, and see if you can get away with just freshening up the top may get lucky there. As far as order after that, it's up to you and your budget, but I'd look at everything, see what you can use and what needs to be replaced. Pay close attention to wheels/bearings/brakes. Assume you'll be replacing wheel bearings, tires, chain and sprockets, battery, air filters, fork seals, brake pads.

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